"You Wouldn't Let Go"

You kissed me, you caressed me, and you wouldn't let go

You tried to spread my legs even though I yelled no

I tried to fight u off me

I kicked u, I punched u, and I spit in your face

but still you wouldn't let go

what was going through your head?

I thought u loved me

I thought u said our relationship was based on more than just sex,

and sex was not an issue with u, You lied to me.

you hurt me and u caused me so much pain

not only physically, but also emotionally and it's driving me insane

now I don't know what kind of language u speak but in America no means no

that night in my bedroom why wouldn't u let go?

u ripped my shirt off and  through me on the bed

u pinned my hands to the back of my head

tears ran down my face like water running down a stream

u got on top of me and dared me to scream

I was trembling what? did u expect me to go with the flow?

u saw the fear in my eyes but still u wouldn't go

at one point I loved u but now I hate u

and I wish you'd die because you took my virginity

without my permission and I'm only fourteen years old

I'm bruised, I'm scarred, and I just want u to know

this is a result of stupidity that night u wouldn't let go

A Poem By: Cherry



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