You Are Special

You are special in so many loving ways

You never forget those who care

You always try not to hurt a soul on any given day.

You even take the time to let them know your there.

This is why you are special in my heart.

For you always know how to make me want to live for ever

                Your kindness is so true and sincere, For this you are so special my dear.

That loving smile you give, Whenever I am down

Brings my spirits up, Makes my heart feel good all around

Yes, It's you who are special, The one who reads my poem

For you made me take the time, To express my loving soul.

Let no one tell you different, Let no one bring you down.

Always know I am listening, Just like you I will always be around.

So for now I say to you

Thank you for being always there

A world without you, Is but an image of something I can't bare

So smile again for me, For I am feeling down

Please be my Friend for ever.

Just like you, I promise in life to never let you down.


                    This is a special poem for all the women who where there for me in my life.


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