You Hurt Me When You Left


You hurt me when you left me, all alone in pain

You hurt me when you broke your promises, again and again

It was always important to spend time with me

Now you treat me like you donít want to even see me.

You hurt me when you stopped loving me.

Promising it will be till the end.

You hurt me in so many ways,

You donít even want me, let alone as a friend


All I ever wanted was to make you happy

I try to understand when you left and never said goodbye

But now I am here crying and unhappy

Because you left me, and you never even told me why.


Was I that bad to you?

Did I deserve this coldish act?

All I wanted was to be there for you

Till the day you decided it was over and started to pack.

I begged you to explain to me? What it was that I did wrong

But you kept on packing, when I did nothing wrong.


You have hurt me real bad, for what reason Ill never know?

But I will still think of you, even if you told me you had to go

But in time I will forget, all the hurt you put inside

And I will find someone, thatís not like you, 

By breaking promises and telling lies.





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