Quotes of Women


A woman is like a rose with endless beauty. To enjoy its beauty one must love and care for it. Give it the things it needs to bloom. The Feeling is much greater than to be pricked by its hurting thorns. 

If you leave someone who abuses you it is not your fault. If you let him back into your life it will always be your fault. Let nothing ever happen to you. 

Let them build walls so high that I cant climb to you. Let them dig holes so deep so I cant walk to you. Let them throw balls of flames in my path. When I think of how strong I love you, All I can do is fly. 

A woman sits next to me, wondering what I am writing. Little does she know I am writing of how much she means to me.

I have loved so many women in my life. I have yet to find one that loves me. 

We always try to be our best in so many things in life. We always try to do the best also. But I always seem to forget my anniversary. I feel like a failure.  

 I still dream of how much I love her. I still dream of how much she meant to me. I still can feel the warmth of her hands as she held mine. All these feelings are strong and true. But yet I try to hide them. 

One day she will read this line. One day she will see this by mistake. One day she will scroll down this page, and know how much I truly love her.

You never truly know how bitter a woman can be until you meet her in court.

A woman can find many ways of making things work, Most men only one "walking away"

Women can always feel when a man has cheated on her, but can never tell when he is walking out of her life.

A man is better off to be killed by a lion in its den. than to be revenged by an angry woman.

A mans anger always finds blame. A woman's anger always finds a way.

Women today know what they want from a man. Women even know if the man can give what they need. But women still don't know how to tell if he can be faithful to her. 

Love me, and I promise to always love you. Be here for me and I promise to always be there for you. Help me and I promise to always be there to help you. Cheat on me one time and I promise to take all my promises back.

  You have a woman who loves you and wants to be with you till the end. Someone who cleans after you and makes sure your dinner is served. You have someone who cares for our children and gets them off to bed. Someone who wipes your tears when your feeling down. But you lost all this for three minutes of pleasure with another woman. Was it all worth the three minutes I ask?.

When a child cries the child goes running to mom. When a child gets hurt the child goes running to mom. When the child needs advice about love he always asks mom. But when they grown and married the last person they call on is mom. Moms never get the credit they deserve. 

  Men think they should get paid more than a woman. Men think that women should let them decide what to do in a situation. Men feel that a woman's place is in the kitchen!. they won't admit  without a woman they would always be right.

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