The Woman I want To Know


 A woman with such beauty controlling my every thought.

A smile she brings to my heart, a tear of joy, she also brought.

Such kindness in her heart, so much love she holds and wants to let go.

A woman that when you see her, the hurt you feel is much easy to let go.

She gives me light and gives me joy, even when I am down

I look for her many times every day, hoping that she’s around.

 I don’t know who she is, or where she lives.

It is controlled by a modem and a phone.

Waiting for her to log on to the Internet,

This is why she’s the woman I want to know.


I know she loves , I also know she loves to dance.

I know she listens to Spanish music, any time she has the chance.

I know she is a romantic person,

She is like an angel of beauty holding a dove.

all the beauty she holds, is what makes her a perfect love.

Such a person does exist, impossible, as it may seem.

But if you have spoken to her, you too would know what I meen.


Inspirational love, makes it simple to express these words,

I wonder where she is right now? I wonder if I will hear from her today.

I wanted to share this with her, letting her know how I truly feel.

She can avoid me from seeing her, 

but she can never take from me, how she makes me feel.

This thought I have, that she controls, are not from a fantasy

But from a woman I want to know.


If your out there and happen to read this poem

Know its a special poem from my heart

For a woman like you, with such beauty inside

Is a woman I would love to one day, get to know.



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