Why Can't I Say Good-Bye?


Love came with pleasure, Thinking that it will always be treasured.

But I guess it was wrong, It wasn't worth waiting so long.

I waited for you, Thinking that my dreams would come true.

But all you did was bring me pain, And now I'm going insane.

One year of waiting is enough, It was so tough.

But I didn't want to let go, Because I knew I love you so.

Loving you is something that I wish I could deny,

But if I did it would all just be lies.

I was told, to hold the one you love like your holding a pot of gold.

That's why I waited until it was the end of the road,

With all my soul, I couldn't let you go.

But now I see, That your not the one for me.

But I sometimes still pray, For that special day.

There are times, Where I don't want you to be mine.

I never wanted you to know, But I don't know why I told you so.

You don't know how much it hurts, For me to see you flirt.

You don't think you do, But everyone else sees it too.

I'll cherish you forever, And I'll always be here to care.

Even if you've broke my heart, You'll always be my sweetheart.

Loving you was like a game, That brought me pain.

But I don't know why, I still try. I miss the old times,

When you were so kind. You still are, But you just seem to be so far.

I feel like I'm losing you everyday, I think my love is fading away.

But why do I still cry, When I feel like you're going to say good-bye?

Loving you was so tough, you hurt me so much.

But why, Why can't I just say good-bye?

By Nikki Moua

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