What We Once Had 

I used to always upset you, 
When I could not be there.
I used to make you cry, 
When I angrily said good-bye.
You used to walkup behind me
Giving a surprisingly long hug.
Kissing me like you had to have me.
Making me feel like you really needed a hug
You used to enjoyed making time
When in your busy schedule, you never could find.
Calling me many times in the day
Just to say, you love me, while making sure I was OK.

With Those feelings we shared, you captured my heart
But as time passed we started to slowly drift apart.
The lonelier I felt, the lonelier I wanted you to feel.
But instead of our love growing
Our power of love stopped glowing.

You told me I don't love you.
I told you no, it's you that don't love me back.
We argued about stupid things, 
Not even at times knowing why.
Was this all just lust or passion?
Or did we decide, just to give it up.

Where did we go wrong? 
I asked my self so many times.
We used to be together all night long.
But we ended up thinking this was all wrong.
As we got to simply saying, good-bye

It came to the day, we even stopped wanting 
Wanting to make this love last forever
We could not stand to be together. 
We also got to the point, instead of wanting a hug, 
We both looked at each other as we said good luck.
I now sit here in tears, thinking of what we had.
Praying to God, if we ever find each other 
Let us feel and want, a thing we all call LOVE..


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