We will over come 


Dad I want to express how special you are to everyone here today

As I am proud to assist in planting a tree for you on this day.

Not only are you special in our eyes

But you have always helped others who entered our lives.

Telling us how to always be strong,

When you believe in GOD! Noting can go wrong.


Taking the time to show us love and care.

You never failed us, you have always been there.

Even if now? Things seem kind of crazy in our life

I know we have a task to over come each day and night.

I know it’s not easy for us to deal with this change.

But as a strong family, “we will over come.” This pain

We will fight together, and deal with its emotions each day

You’re not alone in this world dad,

Many are here to show there support today.


Today we stand together, and plant a tree for you.

To show how much you have done for those that needed you.

Life is a gift, and so are you dad

As long as I have known you,

You never treated anyone bad.


The battle of Cancer has not won,

Together dad, we will over come.

We are not ready to loose this fight.

We will over come this hard moment in our life.

Specially requested For  Dennis form his daughter Melissa

Henry R (Love N Hurt Poet) 05-15-2002

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