Valentines for you

Hello my love, As promised I did not forget this day.

A day to thank you, for the love you unconditionally gave.

For loving me, as I am still learning by my mistakes.

For knowing I was wrong, and still not put up a fight.

I should have listened to you, your right.

And for so many more reasons, I say from my heart

Happy Valentines Day sweetheart..

Let me show you, how much Valentines Day means to me.

Take these roses, I pick them myself for you.

A box of chocolates, for the sweet love you gave too.

Let us kiss, like the first kiss when we met that day.

A hug, and I love you, while I take you to dinner today.

We will smile and laugh, bringing the good things from the past.

Remembering how silly we were, while I was trying to make the first pass.

You tried to ignore me, a look of go away.

But you knew I was determined.

What can I say? I found my better half that day.

you then gave in and even talked for a while.

Boy I look at you now?, and still see that beautiful smile.

Things in time grew stronger for us.

You did not want a day without knowing where I was.

I would call you on the phone each day, remember?

You even at times asked me why It took so long, asking where I was.

Yes then came those promises, do you remember them?

Well one was, I would never forget you on Valentines Day.

This is why I'm reading you this poem,

Something that came from my heart.

I remembered Valentines Day, like I promised.

Would you be my Valentine my love.

E.R 02/09/2003



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