The Trust I lost In You

Do you remember the first day we met? 

I remember all the kind and loving things you said?

Things you told me, I could never forget.

You told me you loved me. You told me you even cared.

You capture my heart and that made me scared

Your words of how you felt for me,

I believed them in my heart.

But now I think of those words, when we drifted apart.

I trusted you with my heart many times over and over again.

Instead you took it and returned it in broken pieces in the end.

Remember you said you love me, and wanted me as your wife.

But many times over you did nothing, but lie.

You met other women, when you told me I was the only one

You told me you were not ready for something serious

Meanwhile you managed to find other women, and continued to lie.


I wanted you to know how much hurt you made me feel.

Giving you my love and heart.

While you making me feel like it was no big deal.

How could you hurt me so much?

All I ever wanted, was the feel of your touch.

I thought all those loving words from you, were true.

Instead, those true words meant nothing to you.

So you can see now, how much It hurts.

Everything you told me is now making me look like a fool.

I lived my life only to please you.

Instead you hurt my heart, and even treated me cruel.


Women please read this before it's too late

If a man has made you feel as I have in this world

Make sure you let him go, move on with you're life today.

The love you will only find.

not a love but a hurt deep in your mind.

He came and took me,

and promised to never let me go.

Instead he used and hurt me, 

for what reason? God would only know.

This kind of love is not worth it. 

The trust I lost in you, everyone should know.