You do not know how I feel when you argue with me. 

I feel like you cannot stop and madness is all you see. 

You will not over look the way I use to be. 

And see all that is good, loving and caring inside of me.

I know in the past someone hurt and damaged you. 

But she is not me and I am not her and that is true. 

So why listen to what other people say. 

Who are they to judge what I do day by day.

You treat me like a person who committed a crime. 

When you really should give me the day of time. 

I love you with all my soul and heart. 

But if you keep this up we will tear apart.

I promise to never break your heart or treat you wrong. 

And to be there and love you for all my days long. 

But I feel like a lost dove in the dust. 

Because how can you love me? without an ounce of TRUST.

Shereece L. Dodson 8/2001

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