True Friendship Till The End 


I have had the chance to experience true friendship. We all are confused at times wondering what true friendship is?. Reason we are, is because we ask our self the same question over and over again, “I thought he/she was my friend?”. Yes most people around us that we believe to be friends, are not when we need them. Why? We ask, “I have always been there for him/her” “I never did anything behind his/her back.” This is the type of confusion I am speaking about when it comes to true friendship.

 I have had many friends in my life and some walked in and walked out. But thank God I had a friend like Richard.

Richard was a person who knew what a true friend was. He thought me how to be a good friend to someone. The formula for having a friend is 2+B+1 first. It is funny how someone lives with a wife or husband and that is supposed to be the one that’s there for you as they say “For better or for Worse”. In my lifetime I never had that from my X wife. The one I could always count on was Richard. When do we distinguish a friend as a brother? Richard was a brother to me. A friend that always called to see how I was doing, A friend that when you need something at any time is there for you. A friend that never said NO. This is true friendship. We have been there for each other and always kept by our friendship rules. The rule were “No matter what ever happens, we will always defend each other. No matter what others say we, will always believe in each other. No matter how poor or rich, we will always share what we have. No matter where we are in this world, we will always take the time to communicate with each other.

 This may sound like a fairy tale or like a Disney movie, but this was a reality I lived with a True Friend. He passed away today May 13th 2000 in a Hospital bed. I am destroyed by his loss. If anyone has a friend in this world think about our rules. Think about keeping the faith, trust, respect between each other. And most of all. Think about how much you will miss them if they pass away.

 Richard I know you’re in Heaven and soon one day I will be there with you.

H/R May 13 2000

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