Tribute to Life

If no one ever says "Thank you" or "I am glad you came."

If never that person whom you adore says " I love you just the same."

Think about new life born into the world.

Free from care and troubles undeserved.

Precious, lovely, a gift from above.

That miracle is you still deserving of God's love.

As the birds serenade each other in the morning and the waves of the ocean roll,

To life there are tides, heartaches, and trials beyond our control.

Yet the sun still rises and the stars twinkle in the sky.

A sister kisses her baby brother. A tearful mother watches by.

You will not accept all is well when the hurt you feel is real and endures each day.

What keeps you going? What keeps you believing?

Love is the reason to stay.

Charise A

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