To My


A light filled my world, when I first opened my eyes.

A smile from her face I could see, while she was holding me tight.

Warm hands moved all around me, tears were falling from the sky

A tear also dripped on my body

As she held me in her arms real tight.


She fed me from her body.

Giving me something I craved

When I had tears coming from my eyes.

A part of her body she gave.


When I was scared, you were always there.

Holding me in you're warm loving arms.

When I was sick, you made me better

I always believed you have the power

To heal my sickness every time.


I always wondered who she was?

I now trusted her and always wanted her by my side.

Someone that made me cry.

When she was no longer holding me in her arms.


When I closed my eyes. She used to make a noise that I liked.

The noise that was so beautiful as she did it

Before I fell asleep every night.


In time I heard a few words repeated over and over again

“Can you say Mommy?”

And the word Mommy was the first word I learned.

I made her happy when I said it with a smile.

She would hug me tighter and even sang out loud.


I knew now that Mommy was her name.

I knew she smiled when I repeated it over and over again.

How beautiful Mommy was, when I looked into her eyes.

She would always smile at me

And every chance she got, she would hold me in her arms.


Funny how the years have gone by.

I always felt protected when my mother was near

She was the person who always gave me everything I needed

When ever I had a certain look in my eyes.

She also was the only one who forgave me

When I did something wrong in every ones eyes.

In this world remember who gave you life.

Remember there is no one like her

Remember she gave you, your first breath of life.

She held you close, she gave you love

This is why I am happy

To send this poem to my mother, someone I love


Thank you Mother for all the love you gave

Thank you for always making me happy, every day

Thank you for loving me, and never letting me down.

Thank you for being the way you are

Never stopped loving me even when you were down.

You are a true gift mother.

Please mother make sure you never die.


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