Time has come to walk away and say goodbye

We can no longer be together, only you and I knew why.

 I did my best, but my best was never enough.

I could no longer wait, I was moving forward but you were at a stop.

I waited and waited but things never seemed to change

I now wonder if this so-called love you had, was nothing but a game

You might tell me that this was no game, what you felt was true

But when I saw our situation, nothing changed when it came to you.

You wanted me to wait, for what? God only knew

The fears I had were fading and I started believing in you

But when I saw your situation was still the same

I realized I was wasting my time, I felt like this was to you a game.

You would tell me you were sorry, every time we spoke

Give me just a little longer in a letter to me you wrote.

Time went by, the thought of not being with you made me cry

It made me week and even felt its pain, now I knew it was all a lie

No more Iím sorry, no more please just one more night.

If you could not make changes for us to be together

I will give up this battle, a battle I lost that night.

I lost you that night; nothing will ever be the same.

Now I sit here in tears, with my heart in pain

I guess I was a fool when I believed in you

All I ever wanted was for our dreams to become true.

We would have been together, you and I as one.

But now this game you played, I hurt admitting that you won.


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