Thoughts of an Angel


I thought you were an Angel, sent into my life.

To show me how to love, and that love was worth the fight.

 I felt when I was in your arms, I was in a wonderful dream.

But now I know who you are, You are not THE ONE it seems.

I guess you should feel proud,

You got my heart to cry out loud.

You broke my heart in record time,

You made me think that you were mine.

I was scared that my heart would be broken,

Congratulations you did it with words you have spoken.

I said I was just waiting for the bomb,

How I wish you would have proved me wrong.

Words that you said led me to believe,

You could be happy just being with me.

But you see sweetheart, I'm nobody's fool,

I just wish I wouldn't have fallen for you.

Rebecca 03/01/2001


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