Thinking Of You

Each night as I sit outside and feel the nights cool breeze

I look at this world, as I feel its loneliness in the dark,

Seeing the sky without a sun, a light that can blind me.

Looking at the stars as I begin to think of you.

As my fragile and broken heart opens its doors, 

Thoughts of you enter my mind.

Each night your not here with me. 

An image of loneliness walks into my heart

Wondering how it would feel to be in your arms tonight

A woman that is so pure as the beauty on a rose.

As my heart begs to see a captured moment of her smile

You look at me, as tears drip from your eyes.

I wonder how it would feel to touch those tears,

Like a rose in the morning dropping its pedals one by one.

I wonder how would it feel to hold her trembling body 

As my heart craves to be by her side?

I want to love you for as long as there is sun followed by night.

The feel of lifting you up, when you have fallen,

From all the hurt you have felt in your heart.

Like a trembling child on itís first attempt to walk.

As I feel these things in my heart, 

I see one star shining bright far away

One star among millions, come forward, in the night

Is it you I ask myself, in amazement

As if this star can actually hear and see my every thought,

Is it you, the woman I want in my life looking over me

Weeping on my every thought, feeling what I feel.

All these feelings rushing through my veins

As I sit here thinking of you. 


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