Thinking About You.


You are so beautiful; your smile is incredibly nice.

Your words are so wise when you speak to me

When I am next to you, you give me a new meaning of life.

Youíre perfect in my eyes, in so many ways.

In you I see a good mother and a great friend.

A woman who works hard for her children

A woman who gives up all her freedom for them. 

Everything about you, brings out the best in me

When I speak to you, you make me feel like loving again

You are a gift from God, when you became a friend.


Your children are so kind and loving.

They also bring a smile in everyoneís life.

They are very polite and always happy when I see them

I feel as if the love you give to them brings out the best in there heart.

I try to control my feelings, every time you are by my side.

You make it so easy for someone to fall in love with you 

Someone like you I can love forever and even be proud to have as a wife.


Donít be scared for the feeling I expressed

I know our friendship is also very new

I know all you want at this time is a friend.

A friend that can share some good moments with you.

I know where I stand, I know what will be.

But I know I canít control the feelings you have given me.

I know you donít want someone in your life at this time

But I wanted you to know how I feel

I want you to know me better, and better you will know me in time.


How can someone so full of life and such beauty in side

Wants to be alone and not need anyone in her life?

The hurt in your past must have been real bad

Depriving your heart from someone who wants to share, with you his life.

Look not back in your life, look at your life in the eyes

For you only get one chance in this world to find happiness in your life


So many people want to walk in someoneís life.

They want to offer them happiness, a feeling of love every time.

But because of there past they fear and fray

They all get tired of waiting for you to come around, in time they walk away.

I asked myself many times over and over again,

ďIs it me because of my fears? Is it I just donít want anything from themĒ?


If you feel you have not given your heart the time it needs to heal.

You need to give your heart the chance for a new feeling of love

Know that it takes more than just time, but a new change in life

Donít live by your past, a past that has broken your heart.

Think not of your hurt; donít let your hurt control your life

Learn to open your heart and give yourself a chance

A chance for a new start in your life.


I have climbed 3 times in my life, as well as fallen down.

But every time this happens to me

I make sure the hurt I felt did not bring me down.

I look at life as if a new rose is ready to bloom

Clip the dry roses and make room for new ones to grow.

Not thinking that just because a rose has come to its end

My life has also ended; remember a new rose is now in your life.


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