Stored In My Heart


The woman I love walked back into my life.

We actually sat and talked, without starting a fight.

We spoke of the things that hurt us in the past

We never lost the feelings, wanting things to last.

Looking at each other as if time came to a stop

My list of who I love, had her name on the top


Funny how you feel when the years pass you by.

One day you hate that person, the next you start to cry.

Wondering if she ever loved you, and how lonely you feel

Trying to keep up with her life from a distance

Not letting her know you can love her again in an instance.

The feelings never faded, they were stored in my heart

Never forgetting, wanting them to come out of the dark.


I tried to forget her, but forget her never came.

The more I thought about her, the more I felt the losing pain.

A pain that hurts when I awake, and she’s not by my side.

Wanting to just put an end to my miserable life.

Can anyone out there understand what I feel?

Some of you may read this and say, its no big deal.

But there may come a day, when she will read this poem

This is my way of begging her, to come back home.


Never hide what your heart feels, never give up hope,

One day while you think of her, She will send you a note.

A note that will read, I missed you please talk to me.

I want to see you again.

And when that day comes, express what you feel my friend

Know that you and her were meant to be together till the end.

So please send this poem, to the person who in your heart you stored.

Let her read what I expressed

Try talking things out, letting things be as they were before.


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