Still In Love With You

When we broke up I thought my life would end,

I had felt like I had lost my very best friend.

I don't know how and why I could cheat on someone like you. 

You were always so gentle, so kind, and so very true.

When I said I loved you how could have that been true, 

if I really had loved you I wouldn't have done that to you.

When you told me how you felt I wanted to cry, 

It was just to hard to let you go and say goodbye.

For the couple of months that we have been apart. 

There is still a sacred place for you in my heart.

I know I cant change what I did to you in the beginning.

But I'm going to keep trying to get you back in my heart, 

Till I make a winning.

So this Valentines Day I don't want us to be apart.

I want us to try again and make a brand new start.

If you give me another chance, to start over again,

I promise you that you will always be my #1 man till the end of time.

And I'll love you 4ever till the very end.

E-Mail Poet: Emerald Janice


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