A Special Star


I live on a mountain, it's beautiful,  specially at night

Looking for my special star that shines so bright 

       I always make time to catch my shining star     

This Star is like no other, A truly bright one that is very far

This star is very special to me, reminding me of my dad

Someone who I loved so much, Someone that loved me back

My father had gotten sick and passed away.

On that very night when a star brighten my way

Believing that he wanted nothing but happiness for me.

I found that very star, when I felt as if life was not meant to be.

I loved him with all my heart, never forgetting those hugs every night.

until the day he was sick, and told me please don't worry and cry.

I am going to a better place, look for me in your heart.

I am the one who will always shine on you, even after I die.

I sit out there every night looking at the ski with tears.

I'm living alone in this world, without you here by my side .

I always say how much I love you, before I go inside

Father if your out there and you are this shiny star

know that I love you,  and think of you each day and night

You have made me very happy from the day I walked into your life

I will never forget those walks, the hugs that were so tight.

I will always be here with you, looking for that special star at night.

If you have lost someone who meant so much to you?

Find a star that might have been send specially for you.

Look at it for a while as you wipe your tears and hurting heart.

Know things will be ok, even if life has given you a different start.

let your tears drip if they must.

But never forget how you love him so much.


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