Saying I Love You


Itís not easy for me to explain how much I love you

But I have this feeling that I cant live a day without you.

Itís not easy for the words to come out clear

But I know your love to me, I hold very dear.

Itís not easy telling you what I feel inside

But I know that every day I want you by my side.


When I express my love for you

The words seem to come out wrong

Explaining how much I love you, is not easy

But what I feel for you is very strong.

I hope you can understand me when I say I love you

And know itís from the heart.


I love you, never wanting us to be apart.

I love you; I promise to never break your heart

I love you, like I have never loved anyone before.

I love you; you made many of my dreams come true.

From the day we first kissed, I fell in love with you.



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