Proving A Point


When we argue, and on the phone and you say goodbye.

You sit there waiting for me to call.

You feel you made all the efforts in the past, its now my turn to try

Thinking, if I donít call, our love was not worth it at all,

And you start to think and believe,

Our love was not meant to be.


Such a sad way to do things in life?

We argue over stupid things,

And you feel its my turn to call and make things right.

So for the point of who makes the effort?

We start to drift away.

One day we love each other

The next for proving a point we trade that love away.


Prove what you want, if thatís how you see fit.

Because I donít keep scores and I am not about proving a thing.

If we drift apart, then it tells me how to feel.

Because for trying to make a point, are dreams are no longer real.

If this is the price that we must pay, then let things end this way.

For love is worth more than proving a point,

I hope you learn that one-day.


It takes just moments to meet someone.

A lifetime to understand what went wrong.

And this road I will travel, even if itís very long.

For the fact of proving a point we both have to pay.

So just know, that you meant the world to me.

If you think I have to always make the effort now.

I am sorry but it enforces how you donít love me somehow.



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