When the wind blows, can you hear me whisper "I Love You"

I blow gently across your face just to feel your warm embrace

After I have felt your soul and the wind is gone,

 don't be afraid, for I have not left you

Look into the sky for you shall see a star shining bright

 full of love created by me just for you

You'll know its me because it will be the brightest star,

 reach out for me, "Please Reach Out"

 let me put that sparkle back in your eyes

I want to be where you are, I want to be a part of your world

 but I I cannot interfere with God's intuition

When the rain starts to pore don't run inside for shelter, 

for its me crying endless tears of sadness because 

I'm not there in your arms for you to cradle me just once more 

Reach out, catch my tears, wipe them away

After all these tears start to fade, don't worry for I have not left you, 

I'm still shining bright for you

When you have nowhere to run when your world is dark, 

Look in the sky I'll be your light, your shining star, ever so bright

Only, Just for you my Love



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