For Both My Boys

I dedicate this Page to my sons Enrique (KiKi) and Michael (Mike)

I want to share with anyone who reads this how much these boys mean to me. They have been patient with me and have taken there time to remind me how much they love me. My two sons mean the world to me. I hope in the future they find the happiness in there children as I have with them. The road has been hard for both of them, Seeing there parents divorced. It is not easy for Children with divorced parents. KiKi know that your father will always be here for you. Mike you know I will always be here for you too. You both have given me two reasons in this world to live and want to live. I will never forget how much life you have given me. There has been many hard times in my life but out of everyone that I love and cared for? They have been the only ones who let me know Eternal love is for ever. 

( Pictures of Enrique (KiKi) )    ( Pictures of Michael (Mike) )

A Poem From Enrique (Kiki) To his dad Called (Father I Love You)

Here are some pictures of my sons. Look back into your past boys and see what happiness you brought into my life. I give you this page for you to know Your father Loves you, Where ever you are you always have a place in my life to remember and look back on. I Love you Boys.

Enrique . R