My Love For You


I know we are young and have so much in life to learn.

This world is confusing; impossible to deal with at time

As long as we have each other, we will never feel hurt or pain.

I new found love, a child soon to be born

When I prayed for someone like you, you came along.

I donít ever want to leave your side.

We promised one another, never to lie.

We have a lifetime together, together as one.

Let our love grow each moment,

You and me and our newborn son


I donít want money; I donít want anything but you.

Please forgive me, if at times I make it impossible for you.

Know this is all new, bearing our child

Thinking our problems will soon start to pile.

But I know so long as I have you.

Our love will forever will be worthwhile.

Donít think the things that I do in your eyes seems wrong.

Understand that youíre in my heart, what I feel is strong.

Just because we are young to this world.

Does not mean we are going about this all wrong.


Many that are older then us have failed.

Many have even said goodbye.

But I know if you understand me better

Everything will come out right.

This is my way of showing you how much I care.

I stayed up searching all night,

Trying to find the right words in a poem to share.

And after a long wait, I finally found this for you.

A poem that simply explains how much I love you.


So please understand, what we share most never find.

What we have found between us, a cherished moment in time.

I finally thought of a way, to express my love for you.

You will find it in this poem, specially made for someone like you.

I hope you read this poem, it came from my heart

My way of expressing how you made me feel, right from the start.

So please forgive me, when I do things wrong.

I found you in my life, let's let our love always stay strong.



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