My Daddy !

I met my daddy a few months ago,
I won't say his name,
I don't think he wants you to know.
I used to see my daddy all the time,
but now I guess he has a lot on his mind.
My Mom would say" Get to know your dad,
you'll like him, you'll see"
but now he don't have time for me.
He taught me to drive his tractor and
we even played ball,
but now I never see him at all.
My mommy said he's just working a lot
and that's why he never has time to stop.
She said he's just busy that's all.
I guess that's why he don't even call.
Last time I saw my daddy,
he said he loved me and hugged me tight,
I guess he was saying more then Good-Night.
My mommy said REAL DADDY'S don't go away.
I think she made a mistake,
because mine didn't stay.
When my friends talk about their daddy's,
It makes me feel kind of sad,
but I just smile and say "I have a dad."
My dad is just to busy for me,
but mommy said it's OK she's all I really need.
I just want to thank God and say,
some daddy's might go away,
but God made mommy's that want to stay.
Mommy said we will be OK' you'll see'
that she has a special love that is just for me.
I think this time mommy might be right,
She never forgets to give me kisses at night.

Rebecca 03/01/2001


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