This is a Poem From The Heart in remembrance of Mike Anthony Reinhardt 


I Miss My Son


The cold is coming, a sign of Christmas is near

People are wrapping presents this time of the year

The trees are glowing with all those Christmas lights

At night one can see all those pretty lights shining so bright 


Parents and children are waiting for this day to come

I am one who don’t look forward to this holyday spirit

Not because I am bitter

But because of the loss of my son


I miss my dear son more than anyone would know

He has been the light on my heart

He has been everything to me, even the snow when it doesn’t snow


Last Christmas Eve he passed away

Taken from me in this world, the worst kind of way

A drunk driver killed him

Something I am sad to even say


Life has been so dark in my heart

Because someone decided while drinking, to separate us apart

Not knowing now much I need him here with me

I sit here and think how much I miss my loving son


Wake up America are the hurting words that I want to say

No-one is promised a tomorrow, say, “I Love You Today “

We take life for granted and caught up in our routine each day

We forget to take the time, to think of the things we value

I was forced to think of mine on Christmas Eve that day


Now this day is near, and the hurt is coming again

I look at my three children, thinking with tears in my eyes

Had this person not drink and drive

My son Mike would be here with us  

Alive and full of Christmas spirits by our side


People remember this poem before you decide to drink and drive

I am one of many mothers who share this loss

From the same victim, someone who drinks and drives.


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