I Miss Your Friendship

I missed your friendship, I've missed you so much..

I miss our small talks, while watching the rain that was dripping from up above.

I miss those silly jokes you tried telling me while cheering my sadden heart.

I miss many things we lost on the day  we drifted apart. 

I miss writing you story's that expressed how much you meant to me.

I also miss those smiling expressions you gave, when you sat right next to me.. 

Even after all this time has gone by my dear friend.

Wondering if someone else out there has taken my place in your heart. 

I sit here thinking of you. Sadden by the way  we drifted apart.

Now all I can do is wait, Hoping one day you will come by.

It was not your fault we drifted, I would have never wanted us to be apart..

I may be a mean person to you now, I might be even cruel.

I never meant to hurt you my friend, I never wanted to have had to say goodbye

So if by miracle you read this my friend, please remember me.

Your presence in this world was always so special in my heart.

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I dedicate this to my little friend Jackie Benham. HR/99