Quotes of Men

I would have rather been called stupid, a fool , a uneducated man ,someone that is wrong. Than to loose the woman I love. For I blame myself for not taking the blame. 

I tell her I love her I write her such beautiful poems. I give her the most beautiful roses. I tell her how much I need her, Yet I am in love with another. Don't be fooled with sweet words. 

I sit here and think of how many times I have loved and felt loved. How many women I have dated. I think now there could have been one true love but I chose to think like and act as a  child. 

A man has so much to learn about women. He also has to learn that lies only go so far. Be honest to yourself and to others. Don't loose what you have in your life because you cant admit you made a mistake. 

A man always has to prove his point. He will go to any length to prove it. Even if it means getting divorced. 

There are so many men out there that think they can do what ever they want. and feel that women are too stupid to know better. But they lack to know that a woman can decide when its time to let go. 

Look at me he pleads, Look at my heart he begs. I am not the one who will hurt you. I am the one who knows how to love you more. Just because I am fat it does not mean I am a bad person. Men never let yourself say these words. Do something about yourself if your not happy with your looks. 

Most men think that a woman is a slut if they sleep with another man, but think there a stud them self if they do. Ignorance is no excuse.

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