Meaningless Words


I thought when you love; you would do anything to be together.

Do what you must, even if the task was hard to have this love forever.

I thought when you love; it meant taking a chance.

Making sure you don’t loose this newfound romance.

I thought when you love; the word “I love you” came from the heart.

Wanting to be close and never far apart.

I thought when you love; it would take all your fears away.

Not asking the person to wait just one more day.

I never understood the love you expressed.

For the meaning of love has actions, not regrets.


This Love that I saw from you, I could never understand.

Your words expressed the feeling

But your actions were never at hand.

You told me to wait and things will come out fine.

Give me time to make the move, all I need is time.

You always tell me, we are meant to be.

But when it came to actions, there was nothing for me to see.


You must have not known me, you waited too long.

Love over a phone or computer, could never keep it strong.

For love can only be lived and expressed

Not only in your heart, but a reality come true.


I don’t know if you meant the love you expressed

I am still here feeling lonely, starting to have regrets.

The hopes you gave and made me feel

Are starting to look like it was made from a windmill.

I believed you loved me, but now I see truth.

Your love had no actions, just words coming from you.


I am now sad and hurt for believing in you

I should have seen it coming before I fell in love with you.

More and more each day, I can see the real you

You never loved me, just a dream wanting to become true.

What a shame you wasted both our times.

I pushed so many away, thinking one day you would be mine.

But you live and learn, and hope one day

The love you find will not be wasted words and time.



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