Quotes of Love

I love many things in my life. I enjoy many things also. I can't wait for a new dawn. I see so much beauty in this world. "This is from a person in  love."

The Lion needs to growl and fight to show his power. All we need to do is love. To show ours. 

I was asked what would I do for love?. I told them, I would do the one thing that most would never. "(Love for ever)"

I can find 10 million people in this world that can like and love me. But I have only found one that I truly loved. We don't always get what we want. 

Love is a word so complex to understand. We all have many ways of expressing it. The only love expression I don't understand is when they tell you they will love you for ever and then walk away?.

I saw you by my window today. I saw you in my dreams last night. I see you every time I close my eyes. Why can't you be in my life?. Think before you decide to break up with someone. Some things can be too late.

I want to know why I must be in this world?. I want to know why must I keep living?. I want to know why everyone thinks I don't love them if I want to Dye. But no one understands I can't Live without him. Some times we feel as if life is ended when we loose the ones we love. But life must go on there's to many people  to love than to end yours for one.

Love is like a morning sun, You must see and feel its warmth to enjoy its pleasure

How many times must a man tell me he loves me, and wants to be with me?, How much longer till he decides to leave his wife?. This is not love, but a poor excuse to love..  

I can play many tunes with my flute, make you smile and even make you cry. I can make you feel strong and even make you feel like you can fly. But I don't know how to play a tune to make him love you. Love is not a tune but a feeling that can only be found when two people are feeling the same love. 

These quotes I make, are from my heart. Many read my words and see someone who is sad and lonely. Someone who needs someone in there life. You might be right but if you feel like me right now, you might be wrong.

I wanted to know how can two people say they love each other one day, and the next look at them with anger in there eyes?. If you live this life my friends?. Those words are not from there heart.

  Think of the mistakes you made in the past when you walked away from her. Know you can make them again if you don't change your ways. But don't keep making the same mistakes, you will be a lonely fool in the end. 

Men are very smart they [think]. Men always get away with cheating they [dream]. Men make many mistakes a [Fact!!!] 

I thought it was easy to be with a woman that loved me. I thought it will last for ever. I believed she would never leave me. I knew I would never leave her for another woman. But she lied about loving me. I am now sitting here asking what went wrong?.  

I fell in love with her in just two weeks and in five I married her. Now we have a child on the way. and in two days we divorce. Don't move fast when falling in love. You might be paying for moving fast when things get to involved.  

Most people believe they can change someone if they get involved with them. Only to find out that they are the ones who changed when they decided to walk away. Don't be the solution to a problem, just be the one accept the fact you knew how that person was.   

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