Learning About Love & Hurt


What Iíve learned about forgiving, Iíll share it with you.

These are the things that happened

That made the feeling of Love & Hurt become true.

Iíve had the fortune of feeling Love & Hurt as well as pain.

It starts with the hurt that was inflicted in me one day.

Iíve learned that you can love forever,

But it does not mean they will too.

Love was something I truly thought I found

Till the day I was told,

ďIíve made a mistake by being with youĒ

No matter what you do.

You canít win a heart, even if your love is true.

Crying and saying, ďI want to dieĒ,

Will not bring the person back, stop living a lie.


Iíve learned, itís not how good you treat someone

To be loved each day.

Even if you do what ever you have to,

Itís not good enough to win a heart my friend.

Blame comes in, and you feel hurt.

But know that we are not perfect,

One day after loosing someone, the pain goes away.


One day while you are over it, you will hear a knock

And when you open your door, your tears wonít stop.

A past before you, bringing a feeling  of Love & Hurt.

Simple words like ďI missed youĒ will come to play.

Donít be fooled, by what you hear.

Donít think that itís over, thereís much to fear.


If she left in the past, as you saw her walk away.

This day can be repeated over and over again.

Best to take the hits from the past.

Then to give things a chance

Because it will only happen again.


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