Henry's Pictures


You were a little tiger  when you were just 5 years old. How fast you have grown And NO!! you did not get a Motorcycle for Halloween!! I loved going to places with you. at 6 years old You always knew how to make a great smile.

Yes those times we would go fishing and when you were 7 you always enjoyed the ocean.

At 11 years old you still had that smile. You always knew what was best for dad


Even at the age of 13, you still carry that smile. 

At 14 you are on your way to manhood (awww)

At 15 you have the most beautiful eyes son :)

17 years old and almost a man.

At 18 years old you are a loving man each day. I'm proud of you for living the way I have wanted you to learn in life.



KiKi I am up to date with your Photos. I hope you turn back one day and see that dad will always love you. I will add more as you get older son.

I will never forget those Moments I held you in my arms Son

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