Love Poems From The Heart


Father I Love You


There are times when I hate you, and scream it to your face.

Then times when I love you, even if you feel it's too late.

But I know no matter what I feel for you, you have shown

You will always love me, your love will never be outgrown



Dad I love you, I now understand, why you and mom fought.

You were the only one there for me

To have not given up on me

When I have done, the things that made you mad.

Some stupid things in my life, I know you still love me dad.



You were always there giving me knowledge

Of your past experiences in your life, trying to make me a man

But yet I still have a hard and difficult time understanding life

I will learn someday, keep helping me dad.



You have loved me and always will

Putting me and mike before anyone else.

I see how much you have given up in your life just for us.

Dad I love you, your a friend that I trust.



I know there are times you question my love for you.

Specially when you hear the words I hate you, from my mouth.

I know I can be a real jerk sometimes,

And say things I donít mean, but dad I still love you.

I want you to be proud.

Of the things I do, and the things I try.

Because I am a mold of your beautiful heart.



Dad I know how hard it is to raise me on your own,

I will try to make yours and my life easier.

Now there are times when I cause you great pain

And you punish me, even if I cry

I know you punish me because you donít like to hit me.

Iím sorry for telling lies.

But dad I hope you now know

And never question that I love you.

remember I am your son

I am what your love made me become today.



(Hr Jr /9/2002)

To my dad Enrique from your son Kiki

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