Is He Telling Me The Truth?


I love you because you’re my boyfriend

I love you for all those special things you do

Yet I wonder about that sometimes

Deep in my heart I feel as if you’re hiding some kind of truth


My friends tell me he’s with another woman.

But others tell me he loves me and it’s not true.

Who do I believe I ask myself?

But yet I feel he is up to no good.


When he’s with me I feel the world’s complete

I see the sunshine that his love brings to me.

But when you’re not here and time goes by.

I really wonder if this is all a delusional lie.


I wonder if I will ever know the truth?

He tells me he is being faithful?

Is his love for me pure and true?

Please tell me god, only you know the real truth.

Does really love another?

Or is he telling me the truth?


I have found myself lost

I have found myself feeling sad and blue.

Only god knows what he is doing

I don’t want to love someone who is not telling me the truth.


 HR / 1 / 2000


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