Inspirational Quotes



  Life is like a ocean wave, Each moment a new wave comes and each moment a wave finds its end. Let your wave keep flowing for we only hold one life. let it not end so fast.

I walked against the wind and I could barely walk forward.  I walked with the wind and I  actually felt as if I could fly.  Make sure your path in life pushes you forward and not leave you far behind.  

I can't sleep nights and I cant sleep days. The bills are always coming. I owe more than I make. I am without a car. But I am Happy to be able to walk breath and smile. Life is good. 

Today is a new day. Today will be better than yesterday. Today I will get all my things done. Today I will do the things I can save for tomorrow. For today I am here. Tomorrow who knows?. Do things Today!!!!....

Sit down one day and think about your past. Then stand up and see your future. Move forward after you stand.

In an argument! never talk but listen. In the end you will always hear I am sorry. 

So many people have past my eyes in my life so far but only a few have earned a space in my heart. Be good to everyone and you will never be forgotten.