Yvonne Guerrero

April 08-1980 - October 05-2001

In Loving Memory ~ I Will Miss You My Friend

We will always remember you.


You were one of the loud ones at school,

Along with Jennifer.

Everyone knew who you were.

Just mention your name

And that you were the short, loud one

And everyone knew exactly who you were.

You were so outgoing and so outspoken.

There was rarely a time

When you were ever down.

You and Jennifer together

Mad the whole group laugh.

You both were the loud ones of our group.

We never thought you could be happier

Until you got with Juan.

You were even more happier

When you both hooked up.

Even though you were so loud and outspoken

You were very bright with a future plan.

You went to the Air Force,

And married your high school sweetheart.

Then finally you were going to start your family.

It was not an easy pregnancy,

But you made it to give birth to your daughter.

She turned out so healthy and beautiful,

But things for you were not so great.

After giving birth you went into a coma

And three days later you passed away.

You never got to see your daughter.

You would have been a great Mom to her.

She will always know about you

Because people will let her know

What a great person you were.

Yvonne, We all miss you, And will remember you always.

By Jessica De La Rosa

Even though we were not best friends, I will still miss you and remember how you could just brighten everyone's day just by being yourself. I remember all the things you and Jennifer did that got the whole school talking for days about it. You were a great friend. We will all let your daughter know what a wonderful bright, intelligent person you were. I will always miss you and have you in my heart as a great friend. Rest In Peace

Jessica De La Rosa