Maryann McMullen

April 21, 1978 April 14, 2004

In Loving Memory ~ I Will Miss You My Friend

Four months ago you left us all behind,

Not by your choice.

But by the hand of something, Something greater then us all.

We all know you are better off there, then when you were here.

We miss you.

You are in everyone's thoughts.

Your innocent face.

Your precious smiles.

They are all kept safe in our hearts and memories.

You meant so much to us all.

Your tiny so fragile hands touched all of our lives.

Even though you are no longer physically in our presents,

You have and always will be in the arms of our love.

This exact poem was written for me, by you back in 1994 when my baby niece passed away. you wrote this poem to try and help me deal with the passing of my niece. I never thought I would have to use this exact same poem to help you're parents threw your passing.


Love you always Krissy Santiago