Jorge Rodriguez

May 31,1975  June 11, 2002

In Loving Memory ~ We Will Miss You


 You never lose the one's you love,

 Only because you can't see them,

 Does not mean they aren't watching you from above.

 The one's that are closest to you,

 are always the first to go.

We'll always sit here and wonder,

 no one will ever know.

 My cousin and my homeboy just past away,

 I just don't know, just don't know how long the pain will last.

 I sit here in denial.

 It just happened so fast.

 There lives are gone, gone forever.

 No matter what,

 their spirits are still here.

 Why? Because I can feel them both near.


 "One day you're here,

 and the next day you're gone".



 5/31/75 ~ 6/11/02

Love you always : Liz Medrano

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