Alberto Medellin

March 16,1978 July 13,2002

In Loving Memory ~ We Will Miss You Brother




Today we meet again

Itís been two years since my brother left

it was the day before my birthday

Why it happened I donít know

Where he is I donít know


Itís going on two years,

When my life changed,

I wish I could go back in time,

and let him know

how much I love him

Know he knows he was my model

Know he knows how sad I am.


Day by Day since this nightmare began,

I think of my brother day, evening and night,

I hear your laughter,

I hear your violin playing,

I hear you calling my name,

I look behind no oneís there

Then I remember, youíll never be there

At nights I think of us together

Why it was you when it could have been me

Why you if you were my perfect brother


I see your smile so full of joy

Why this happened I donít know

I look for an answer I find none.

I know one day will be together again.

As time goes by I know you see me

Maybe today youíll come by and visit me

Donít forget once again my Birthday is here and you are not here.

I know one day we will be together to celebrate each year!


Albert, It has been two years since your car accident. It seems like just yesterday the police officer was telling me that you were in a head on collision and you had died instantly. It was the day before my birthday. I will never forget those words. I wanted to see you and talk to you because I thought it was a mistake. The next day we were identifying your body. I could not believe it was you. He was gone and I was never going to hear his violin playing, his laughter or his beautiful voice. You are the best person someone could ever meet your smile to life is something we will never forget. You always got everything you wanted and accomplished every goal you set. I am so proud of you. Thank You for always being here for me and guiding me the right way in life. Now it is my turn to follow the example you left behind. I will always talk to your godchild and your niece about how great you are and how much you loved them the way you always told me to do so. Thank so much for ! everything. I love and I will always miss you.

LOVE YOU ALWAYS  Carmen  Sanchez