I See Him In My Dreams

I see him in my dreams so perfect in white, 

I will see him again when I go to sleep tonight. 

he calls to me from his pillar so high, 

I fee that I am desecrating him when I look at him with the naked eye. 

he was not meant for mortals he is the epitome of perfection, 

all women see him, need him, want him, he is after all, temptation. 

he is the symbol of what we don't have that which cannot be,

hopes made only to be crushed desires we will never see.

he is the source of all pain the master which torments,

we are all too blind to see that he is the one who detriments.

while he brings us closer to death we say that he is the reason to live,

would we do his bidding if he wanted our life to give??

Tammy Date: 21 Feb 2001

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