I Made A Mistake


I made a mistake; I donít know what to do

I thought I knew what I was doing

Instead, I ended up hurting someone as special as you.

What was I thinking, I asked my self over and over again

How could I be so stupid?

I had your love and your heart, with much more to gain.


I cheated on you, and now I know its too late.

I am hoping you would forgive me

Praying you come back to me one day

Itís not right what I did; you had the rights to be mad

I guess I did not know how much I would miss you

I am for this reason lonely and sad


You walked away in my life.

Leaving with a lesson to learn

If anyone ever cheats on their boyfriend

Be ready to loose him, things will never be the same

You will loose that someone special

The one who really brighten your day

And when you look back and think about it

Your feeling the sadness, youíre feeling his pain.


This is for you,

I am deeply sorry

Are the words I think of every day

Forgive me and know I was wrong

And for it I have to live with this hurting pain.

  This is for you Kenny from Lindsay

 H/R 2000


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