I You Mother


am fortunate in this world to have a loving Mother like you.


ove is what you always gave me, since the day I was born.

ver the years you have always been there for me, even when things had gone wrong.

ision a life with happiness and live it, you would always tell me each day.

very time I was alone, you always had the right words to take my loneliness away.


ou were always there to help me when I needed something in my life.

pening your doors to me whenever I needed a place to spend the night.

nderstanding I am not perfect, helping me realize things I did wrong


other would always remind me that she loves me, whenever I did something wrong.

ver and over again my mothers love never failed, the love from a mother has no end.

he times I needed you, you were always by my side

elping me realize how much beauty I had inside

ach moment that I spend with you, you taught me how to love things even more.

emember, “I will always Love you” a day without you is like morning without dawn.