I Love You

I remember when I looked in your eyes,

I knew that this love was true.

Simply because my heart never lies.

I remember falling in love with you,

looking at you as you stood there looking so good.

My whole body melted.

I remember the time and the place we first had eye contact

because it's always on mind.

And I will always remember the night you were in my dreams,

how I wished I could've been in your arms at that moment.

I want to tell you that I am lost in love and never want to find my way back.

I love you today and forever.

By: Rose Gray Grass

I would really like it if you can submit my cousins poem. She past away May 29, 2002. She was 18. I was telling her 'bout your site on May 28, 2002, but she never got the chance to submit or just check it out.

Thank you...Alysa S

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