I Found Someone Like You


This poem is truly made especial.

A poem that talks about how I feel about you

Since the very first day, that you walked into my life.

I found so many new feelings of love in my heart.

Knowing I have found someone as special as you.

Look at me shiver and my hands even hold a sweat.

These are the feelings I get when I am sitting next to you.

I am so happy you are real and more so happy I found you.


Feel my warm heart when we walk side by side.

Hear my heart beat faster, the closer I get to you.

These feelings are not fake nor lies. But a dream that came true.

You are what every man had hoped for and yet I am the lucky one.

While I have you in my arms I will never cause you harm.


Can you love me forever? are the words that come out

 while I gaze into your eyes?

Can you see how much I love you 

wanting you in my arms?

For the rest of my life i am begging you?

I can only thank the lord, for letting me, find you.

Donít be scared if I am stressed when youíre around.

Know itís because I am worried that youíre feeling down

Donít cry if you see tears pouring from my eyes.

These tears are because I am so lucky

To have found someone like you, so alive.


A new dawn and a new breeze

A new ocean wave comes in and the birds are singing a new beat.

The beauty around me seems so perfect

Things that confused me are starting to fall in place.

The things I saw ugly are now beautiful, see the smile on my face?

Please be mine forever, true love is so hard to find

Let me correct all my mistakes

Because of you I am learning how to be more loving and kind.

You bring out the best in me

Even if you see me sad.

You have no idea what your loves means to me.

This love I feel, a feeling that makes me happy even if I am sad.


If you find someone

And feel this is how you would have written her this poem

Someone who gives you a new feeling of love

Send them a link to this home page

Tell them it is from someone

Who knows how I feel about you.

In a romantic voice tell her.

I feel this way whenever I think of you.


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