I Admire You


I admire you, not because youíre beautiful (and you are).

But for the things you do, even if life has been hard.

Not because I go crazy when I think of you, (and boy do I!)

But because this world dealt you a bad hand, and you still try to survive

You find a way to keep going, even when everyone bring you down.

Doing what you must, while feeling alone in a new town.


I admire you not for the way you give a smile.

But for being there for me, while going that extra mile.

So many reason to admire someone as special as you.

Not based on what you have, but what you have always tried to do.


Working hard, not for yourself, but for the children in your life

I admire you for being a good mother, as well as a good wife.

I admire you because you know people donít appreciate what you do

And you still go on working, trying to resolve their problems too.

Never having time to take a break let alone to sit down

I know they donít know how hard itís been for you.

But I admire you for not letting that bring you down

You have me in this world,

Someone that sees all the good you do.

Never forget that not only do I admire you.

I am also deeply in love with someone as special as you.

So when ever in this world, you start to feel down.

Read this poem, it might begin to bring you a smile.

I do appreciate the things that you do

Know that I will always be around,

From the heart, I truly am in love with you.


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