On-Line Friends

On-line friends are great, telling them everything you feel.

There not there to judge you, nor to pick a side.

They hear you and understand the hurt you feel inside.

Best part of an online friend, is knowing they will always be there 

You will smile and cheer and even shed a tear.

and its nice to know with your on-line friend

you can get over your deepest fears..

You might make mistakes in the things you do.

But your On-line friend will always try to guide you.

this is why I feel happy and warm inside

to have someone special like you.

Thank you for being my On-line friend

Thank you for making me always feel good

but remember this my friend.

I also will always be there for you.

I hope you enjoyed this poem it made me think of you

it was made specially for an On-line friend.

And I took the time to send this poem  you.

Million thanks & hugs & smiles, Thank you for being my friend.


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