A Hatred Inside


 You hurt me with your actions, treating me so bad.

You even worked on my mind, taking the hopes of leaving I had.

Mentally draining me, with all your abuse and threats

You even made sure that your fears got stuck in my head.

Screaming and yelling, saying things thatís hard to forget.

You put the fear of my life each time we argued

Making me wish I were dead.


Woman of the world, please read my poem.

It talks about someone abusive, it can happen in your own home.

He is like a predator, hunting for your fears

Heís no normal hunter, his weapon says, ďI Love You DearĒ

He acts crazy and controlling, any chance that he gets.

You have to leave this man, before he beats you till you're dead.

He drinks alcohol as he prepares for the fight.

Controlling you mentally, not letting you see whatís wrong or right.

This is not love, not even call lust

Not called caring, not even call trust.

There are a few words that expresses what you feel, 

These feelings are of hatred that you now feel, are real.


Trying to run, and he seems to always prove you canít hide

Even when he's far, he takes over your dreams as you see him inside.

Making you believe you caused all arguments, believing it was your fault

Telling you the damage he will inflict, if you try to run or even crawl.

Can you understand? How real this all can be?

Only those who lived this hell, can honestly say, it did happened to me.


But donít feel youíre lost; donít think thereís no end.

Try talking to your family, or even talk to a friend.

Tell them how he treats you; tell them how youíre stressed.

But do talk to someone, put this hell to rest.

And when you make the move, itís not easy to forget.

But in time it will all be a past, a past you will forget.


I know it is not easy, I know it is hard to be strong.

I know you feel by leaving him that it would be wrong.

I know no one can understand youíre feelings.

But you have no idea with whom you are dealing


The hunter is good, he has done this before.

You have to get the help that you need,

Before itís too late, and you end up in a morgue.

Call out to your family, call out to youíre friends.

Put this abusive person out of your life today.

Know that GOD loves you, and he gave me the power to write.

To let you know you can win this fight, and get him out of your life.


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