Happy Mother's Day to you Mother

Even if itís been two years since youíve been gone

I know your resting in heaven now

As I promised you, I have been strong.

But it does not take away, this feelings on Mother's Day.

I can still see your smile, as I handed you a bouquet.


You would smile at me and give me a great big hug.

Mother itís not easy, I must admit, it has been rough

As tears drip down from my face.

Happy Mothers Day, I miss you even more today


Mother's Day meant a lot to me

We would spend the day together, as a family.

We would share smiles and laughter's,

Mother you looked even more beautiful that day.

You would tell me how special we were to you.

I would read a poem I made for you that day.

You would tell me how much you looked forward to it.

This is why I will read this poem by your grave today.


I will cry as I read you this poem.

Because the loosing pain is still there.

Even if you cannot hear me, god will find a way.

I will give you those pretty 's you loved each year

And tell you how much I need you each day.

You are a true Mother, for the love you always gave.

A strong feeling of love especially on Mothers Day...

I hope you realize how special you were in my life.

When you passed away, it tore my broken heart.


I say to you a million times, I love you mother

In my life I could never replace you with another

As I sit here by your side, with tears in my eyes

I want to say happy Mothers Day,

And I always will visit you this day, till the day I dye.


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